Sprite 30The Lord gave me an assignment to write a book in the winter of 2014. I prayed and began blogging by writing a site with prayers for Israel.  Someday I will write a book about all the amazing connections God has made between our families of faith, Jewish and Christian, but for this website about The Israel Letters let me suffice to say that over the years I was given the privilege of hosting a number of Christian radio programs and then producing a radio program by the name of Haverim whose name simply means “friends” in Hebrew.

Haverim began as an Ohio work encouraging friendship and understanding between Christians and Jews while I was supporting Israel. The root of the work began with a time in prayer with a precious wiser sister in the Lord.  I had a vision of the state of Ohio that resulted in Ohio’s Jewish and Christian communities joining together in supporting other groups in other states crying out for Soviet Jews to be set free to make aliyah to Israel. The radio program Haverim aired in numerous states and as far as Australia before our family had a number of personal sorrows that put the work of Haverim and the radio program on hold.

out of the mouth of babes1The body of the book was written just before Israel erupted into war in the summer of 2014.    As I was working with the publishers, I realized each entry was written as a letter to Israel and decided to sign them by a writer named Grace.  I received a book in the mail the night I came home after making that decision upon remembering the Hebrew root of my first and middle names are “Grace”.  I was in the process of beginning another round of radio programs for Haverim and planning a book launching when a personal form of sorrow hit me in the form of breast cancer.  It was a blessing to learn that the nurse who attended me in my hospital room was named “Grace”!

I was asked to place The Israel Letters in a book fair in Germany just as Sukkot ends this year.  Such a timely move on God’s calendar…right as I am finally ready to again encourage friendship between His people the Christians and His people the Jews while blessing Israel.

In God’s amazing grace,

Nancy Montgomery, Author
The Israel Letters