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Some of you may recognize part of this post from last year. I was reviewing all posts on this blog and found this one was the only one needing a picture along with its title. Despite every effort, I found the site editor wouldn’t include a feature image! Therefore, I re-created the entire post to get the image and added a bit about my first Hebrew teacher and the precious primer we used in the mix along with an update on HebrewEasy.

I shall give thanks to You, for You have answered me,
and You have become my salvation.

Psalm 118: 21

An Easy Hebrew Primer

Most English speaking Christians call our savior Jesus, but his actual name is Hebrew – Yeshua. Just as Yeshua is the cornerstone of our faith, he is also of HebrewEasy. Study His name in Hebrew, and interesting Hebrew connections pop up regularly. This morning was a case in point. I was trying to find a prayer in my original Hebrew primer, a small text book given to me by our city’s local rabbi. Rabbi accepted my request for Hebrew lessons soon after I became a born-again Christian. I never knew why he accepted me or refused my offer to pay for lessons, but I’ll never forget his words, told in an endearing Eastern European accent, “Vell, I will teach you for free!” The prayer I searched for wasn’t in the primer, but attached to the back cover of my cherished little Hebrew textbook entitled, “Your First Knowledge.” I found the last page began with a prayer that declared with “perfect faith” the belief that Messiah will come. How I wish that all who speak Hebrew in this day understood the truth behind those words, for we know He is coming back.

Our Eternal Hope

Understanding the ancient language of Hebrew not only opens the Bible, but lifts the veil covering ancient prayers. The page’s final prayer took my breath away. I looked at the Hebrew, read the English translation beneath, and slowly read the Hebrew again because now I realized it speaks Jesus’ actual Hebrew name, “Yeshua,” three times in this prayer. In English, the prayer reads:

In the first word we find Yeshua’s name. Can you find it? ( ישןע ) We learned it in class last week! We have yet to learn all the letters and vowel points, but students could identify some.

Yeshua means “salvation.” As believers, we only need to change one word to transform this prayer of hope into one of thanksgiving. We can say:

For Thy Yeshua (salvation), thank you, O Lord!
Thank you, O Lord, for Thy Yeshua!
O Lord, for Thy Yeshua, thank You!

Primed & ready to unlock words defining salvation history
with basic Hebrew skills

HebrewEasy Title Page

I am again teaching from the HebrewEasy Primer and ready to offer the course online. The first class learned the difference understanding Hebrew makes in the Avinu – Our Father prayer – as discovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls version of the Gospel of Matthew. The second class learns the Avinu and from Ephesians 6, about our Spiritual Armor. Hint – the Helmet of Salvation. That’s right – we learn more of the original intent that goes back to the original Hebrew found in the gospel Yeshua spoke of in Mark 1:15 and realize through our salvation we have the mind of Yeshua HaMashiach – Jesus the Messiah!

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Blessed be the Holy One of Israel,

Nan Montgomery

If you want to learn more about getting started in learning Biblical Hebrew by taking HebrewEasy with me, please visit my Contact page and send a message through the form or email. Todah!

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