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Having started my first HebrewEasy class, I was emailing the students a reminder we meet tomorrow and sharing a sweet experience I had today. Sharing the little story made me realize I hadn’t posted here for a couple of weeks while focused on working with materials for the HebrewEasy class and the Primer I am creating. (I thought the best way to be sure my theory about teaching Hebrew basics is correct is by first holding local classes before offering the course online and via Zoom.)

Jesus is the cornerstone of HebrewEasy. Interesting Hebrew connections pop up regularly. This morning is a case in point.

I was looking at my original Hebrew primer, trying to find a prayer said after eating a meal. That prayer wasn’t in the book but attached to the back cover (the body of the primer came out of the binding some time ago) was the last page! It began with a prayer declaring with perfect faith belief that Messiah will come. The final prayer took my breath away. I looked at the Hebrew, read the English translation beneath, and looked at the Hebrew again because I realized they spoke Jesus’ name three times in this ancient prayer. In English, the prayer reads: “For thy salvation, I hope, O Lord! I hope, O Lord, for thy salvation! O Lord, for thy salvation, I hope!

“For thy salvation,
I hope, O Lord! “

The first words of the prayer I found in my first Hebrew Primer today.

The first word holds Jesus’s name. Can you find it? We saw it in class last week! We haven’t had all the letters yet, but they could sound out some of them. Yeshua means “salvation.” Believers need only change one word in this prayer, which transforms a prayer of hope into one of thanksgiving. We can say, For Thy salvation, thank you, O Lord! Thank you, O Lord, for Thy salvation! O Lord, for Thy salvation, thank You! And we would be saying, For Jesus-Yeshua-Salvation, todah! Glory!

Todah! Thank you for stopping by Haverim.blog! May God bless you always!

Blessed be the Holy One of Israel,

Nan Montgomery

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