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A favorite praise & worship song from Paul Wilbur popped up on my phone this morning! I decided to dub it a Friday Find and share it with blog readers because the video is excellent music, plus it shows all these beautiful names of God in Hebrew. Glory!

Enjoy the video: (For those not yet YouTube savy, when you click the arrow to start, a little square shows up in the right lower corner that will enlarge to a full screen. Click it to enjoy the full view. Hit the escape button on your keyboard to return to the page when finished ): 

Please don’t be offended if I add little helps now and then for folks who don’t spend their lives on the computer or iPhone! There are such out there – I’ve been married to one for years. Lol.

I think the graphics on this video are beautiful, and show God’s Hebrew names transliterated and the Hebrew letters.

Soon, I will be holding a class online called HebrewEasy with Nan for friends of Over the years, I’ve been asked to help others with Hebrew many times and recently began working with my first student. I realized out of all the different materials and courses I have studied, the rabbi’s original method of teaching me is the easiest and the best way to help Christians like myself begin their study of the language.

I’ve been busy creating a workbook using these techniques to share with my students. If you think you might like to join me once a week, send me an email at There will be no charge for the course, and the cost of the workbook will be minimal. The only criterion is that you be a beginner in Hebrew!

God bless you today! If you enjoy this blog, please like and share with friends!

Blessed be the Holy One of Israel,

Nan Montgomery

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