Tuesday Tunes – Way Maker

But thou art holy,

O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.

Psalm 22:3 – ASV

Before going to sleep last night, delight filled my soul when I opened my One for Israel Update and joined in singing (in English and Spirit!) a favorite praise and worship tune sung straight from Jerusalem! I knew I’d found a Tuesday Tune worth sharing with you today.

Join us in worshiping the King in Jerusalem!

WAY MAKER with One for Israel Worship Team

The invitation from One for Israel reads: “Join us in worshiping the King in Jerusalem! This beautiful song declares God’s faithfulness and miracle-working power in Hebrew, Arabic and English.

“But before I come, I must go down to Jerusalem to take a gift to the Jewish Christians there. For you see, the Christians in Macedonia and Achaia have taken up an offering for those in Jerusalem who are going through such hard times. They were very glad to do this, for they feel that they owe a real debt to the Jerusalem Christians. Why? Because the news about Christ came to these Gentiles from the church in Jerusalem. And since they received this wonderful spiritual gift of the Gospel from there, they feel that the least they can do in return is to give some material aid.” -Romans 15:25-27 TLB

This morning, The One Year Bible’s New Testament reading came from Romans 15. Nothing describes today’s Believers in Jesus (Yeshua) and the Israelis involved in One for Israel and the Messianic movement in the Holy Land better!

Interestingly, this passage reminds Believers worldwide of our debt of gratitude for finding faith in the God of Israel and His son, Jesus; and points directly back to Jerusalem, where the true church began. If you read No. 4 in the footnotes of Wednesday’s Words – My Name posted last week, you have a good idea of the environment for Believers in Yeshua in today’s Israel. One for Israel’s title Jesus vs. Yeshua? doesn’t begin to tell us the inside information concerning today’s Israel found there. I encourage you to visit the ONE FOR ISRAEL website and browse around!

Todah! Thanks again for visiting The Israel Letters II. I hope you enjoyed Tuesday’s Tunes. Wednesday’s Words also shared a beautiful #Praise & Worship video called The Blessing. Just saying….

Blessed be the Holy One of Israel,

Nan Montgomery

Here is the link to
ONE FOR ISRAEL – Jesus vs. Yeshua?

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