Israel Prayer Alert

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem…Because of the house of the Lord our God, I will seek your good.

Psalm 122:6-9

Global Call to Pray for Israel

July 12–17 — A worldwide Israel Prayer Alert set into action is happening as I type. I believe God’s timing is an important key to remember when called to intercession which is why I note July 16th, the 17th of Tammuz on the Jewish calendar.1

Before President Biden’s trip to Israel, IFA (Intercessors for America)2 and Aglow International3 received specific prophetic warnings to pray for Israel. The prophetic warnings include insight into spiritual warfare. Both organizations’ prayer alerts for Israel are worth reading; IFA comes from a national perspective and Aglow from an international perspective.

I went to the source of the prophetic word, Rick Ridings -founder of Succat Hallel, a 24/7 house of prayer and worship located in Jerusalem. Here is the word he received:

A Call to Fast and Pray for Jerusalem, Against a Tower of Babel Situation5

This is what I received at 4:10 AM on Tuesday, June 21st, 2022, regarding the Israeli government upheaval, and the Biden visit in July:

“This is a Tower of Babel situation. The globalists are speaking one language worldwide. That is why they have been able to build their kingdom in such a relatively short time. Their unity has created an evil momentum.
Their plan is to steal the Crown Jewel of the King — Jerusalem. Because that is the footstool of My government upon the Earth.

Therefore, My Ruler Bride is to decree division upon those serving the spirit of Babel. And she is to carry out the sentence, the judgment written against them with the high praises of God in her mouth, and a two-edged sword in her hand.

She is to wield My sword to divide and cut in pieces the army serving the spirit of Babel.

Do not look to a man to be able to scatter these evil builders and to save Jerusalem.

Look to Me. High praise is your weapon. Use it in one accord, and I My Self will arise and scatter My enemies. And their plans shall be severely set back in all the nations they rule.

It is time to exercise Your authority in Me and put Your feet upon the neck of the five kings serving the spirit of Babel.

This praise offensive and “decree of division” must be done before the 17th of Tammuz (sundown July 16th – sundown July 17th, 2022), or they will breach the walls of Jerusalem before the appointed time.”

Visit Rick’s web page of the Prophecy HERE.

Rick Ridings posted an update on how to pray about this word. He explains the insight received when he sought the Lord for more clarity on this call to intercession:6

“This is a continuation of a recent prayer alert, in light of a strong response…
Prayer ministries have already translated and distributed it widely in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Russian. Major global prayer networks are feeling called to encourage this praise-and-decree strategy on July 12th.
(IFA and Aglow among them, but the call continues until July 16th-Nancy M.)

“It seems the Holy Spirit is assembling a “global alignment” for this “global assignment”. I believe this unity of the Body of Messiah across many nations will be very key to seeing a great setback to those who would serve “the spirit of Babel”, to build an agenda opposed to the Lord’s choice of Jerusalem as the footstool of His government upon the earth.

“Many have written to ask, “who are the five kings?” They refer to this phrase in that prayer alert:
“It is time to exercise Your authority in Me and put Your feet upon the neck of the five kings serving the spirit of Babel.”

“I did not want to give my own interpretation to that phrase that I received in this call to prayer, praise, and proclamation…I have continued to pray about it.

“I asked the Holy Spirit whether these five kings are certain international leaders; or are they cities, nations or continents? I finally felt I received an answer in prayer that I should go back to the original scriptural passage that refers to Joshua ordering his military commanders to put their feet upon the necks of the five defeated Amorite Kings in Joshua 10…

“As I prayed, I felt the Holy Spirit revealed to me that the five kings upon whose necks the Warrior Bride is to put her feet are those five demonic principalities that are seeking to take back their former territory of Jerusalem and the four other key stronghold cities (the region surrounding Jerusalem). READ HOW TO PRAY FOR JERUSALEM IN THIS HOUR HERE.

Biden is scheduled to be in Israel, Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), and Saudi Arabia from July 13th – 16th, the last leg of his trip taking place on July 16th, the day the 17th of Tammuz begins at sundown. Please take time to visit the links within this post and join believers worldwide as we interceed for Israel. I also place links in the footnotes area to make it easier for you to research the resources in my posts. Share with your prayer group and friends! God bless you always…

Blessed be the Holy One of Israel,

Nan Montgomery

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