Israel Fights the Battle – Again

We can donate our time and money, but I believe our most powerful weapon is the one that God put into Israel’s hand from the very beginning: praise and prayer.

Breaking Israel News sent out an email sharing some details of the battle that is happening in southern Israel – again.  Here is a bit of the end of the email:

Rockets continued to be fired into Israel Thursday morning as a fresh wave hit southern Israel just after 10:00 AM, reaching deeper into Israel than previous missiles. Red Alert sirens were heard as far away as Ashkelon, more than 26 miles from the Gaza border.

The barrage began shortly after two Hamas military personnel were killed when an IDF tank responded to gunfire targeting Israeli civilian vehicles working on the security fence.

Most of the projectiles landed in open fields. The Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepted at least 25 launches. The IDF is reportedly deploying additional Iron Dome Systems in southern Israel.

Israel responded by attacking more than 140 Hamas military targets. Gaza’s Health Ministry reported Thursday that IDF attacks killed three Palestinians.

These hostilities come after an announcement that progress had been made in Egyptian-brokered ceasefire negotiations between Hamas and Israel.

“We can say that actions led by the United Nations and Egypt are in advanced stages and we hope it could yield some good from them,” Khalil Al-Hayya, deputy Hamas chief in Gaza, told Al Jazeera television on Wednesday. “What is required is for calm to be restored along the border between us and the Zionist enemy.”

Israel has endured in excess of 100 days of violence on its border with Gaza as a result of the Hamas-led March of Return riots. Countless aerial incendiary devices, balloons, kites and drones, have been launched from Gaza, setting fire to thousands of acres of land in Israel.

This recent exchange closely resembles the events of July 7, 2014, when Hamas fired 80 rockets into Israel. The IDF responded by launching Operation Protective Edge the next day. Debka, an Israeli military intelligence website, reported that the IDF high-command met on Wednesday night to consider “a full-scale military incursion against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.”

“This would necessitate a ground incursion,” Debka reported. “It was decided to keep the operation as short as possible, the main goal being to push Hamas back from the Israel border and deliver a blow painful enough for the terrorists to beg for a ceasefire. IDF chiefs hope that this will cure Hamas leaders of the belief that they can dictate the rules of the game, as it has done so far. The generals are taking into account that the rocket barrage will spread across other parts of Israel in the course of the operation.”

When the story went to press, 19 Israelis were wounded.  To read full story visit: Breaking Israel News

Those of us who love Israel and her people often feel helpless when we get this news from afar.  Yes, we can sign petitions, make phone calls to our elected officials and others to encourage supporting Israel on different levels. We can donate our time and money, but I believe our most powerful weapon is the one that God put into Israel’s hand from the very beginning: praise and prayer. Psalm 22 begins by telling us that He inhabits the praises of His people and then moves into the very words that breaks hearts all over the world, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”  And yet it turns to great praise! Great praise and great promise.  The very last verse says, “The generation to come will be told of the Lord, that they may proclaim to a people yet unborn the deliverance you have brought.”

There is a song called Surrounded – Fight My Battles written by a long time friend of Israel, Michael W. Smith.  I share it here along with a Christian prayer for Israel.  Just one way to encourage you to come before the LORD in worship and prayer for Israel today.

Lord Sabaoth, Lord of Hosts, come again to Israel, we pray.  The people of Sderot and southern Israel may feel like they are surrounded but by faith we know that You are never far away.  Give the IDF high-command wisdom, give the prime minister and government officials courage.  Bring forth a spirit of unity and determination among the soldiers of Israel and the people.  Let all eyes turn towards You, for You alone are the great God of all the earth.  You hold Israel in the palm of Your hand, and as we bow before You, we who owe our very salvation to the shed blood of Your only son Jesus, ask for the His sake that You would pour out Your great mercy on the people of Sderot and all of Israel.  Amen

May God continually bless the works of your hands,

Nancy M.

I am creating The Israel Letters Revisited and including extra insights. One item I am including is this nugget on Jesus’ Jewish heredity:

A central Old Testament theme (Dt 7:6-8), Israel’s election continues to be of fundamental importance in the New Testament. Far from calling it into question, the birth of Jesus confirms it in the most spectacular manner. Jesus is “son of David, son of Abraham” (Mt 1:1). He comes “to save his people from their sins” (1:21). He is the Messiah promised to Israel (Jn 1:41,45); he is “the Word” (Logos) come “to his own” (Jn 1:11-14). The salvation he brings through his paschal mystery is offered first of all to the Israelites.  As foreseen by the Old Testament, this salvation has universal repercussions as well. It is also offered to the Gentiles. Moreover, it is accepted by many of them, to the extent that they have become the great majority of Christ’s disciples. But Christians from the nations profit from salvation only by being introduced, by their faith in Israel’s Messiah, into the posterity of Abraham (Ga 3:7,29). Many Christians from the “nations” are not aware that they are by nature “wild olives” and that their faith in Christ has grafted them onto the olive tree chosen by God (Rm 11:17-18).

The Jewish People and Their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible, Pontifical Biblical Commission

©Nancy H. Montgomery 2018



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