July 14

When Israel became a nation again in 1948, it forever solved some mysteries held about replacing Israel in God’s eyes.



Today in Israel a small city named Sderot came under fierce attack. When I opened my email I found a message from The Times of Israel notifying me of attacks happening which prompted me to come open this blog to begin writing.  By the time I had gotten things ready to actually start this post an updated article had been posted and instead of just reports of rockets being sent by the Palestinians against Sderot and Israel responding, there are reports of injury to a family.

Today is the first time since the summer of 2014, when I first began writing The Israel Letters that such conflict has broken out.  Then I had no idea the war of 2014 would break out in Israel, yet each letter could have been written for those days.  Actually most of the letters had been written before the war broke out and putting the book together began during the conflict. Now I find myself committed to editing and republishing the book just as Israel is facing another conflict.  I am only sharing this with you because I believe we need to be sensitive to God in this hour and where He is directing our attention in respect to supporting Israel and helping the Jewish people.  When Israel became a nation again in 1948, it forever solved some mysteries held about replacing Israel in God’s eyes.

There are two stories I want to share.  I hope you will read both. One tells the background of Sderot and the other is today’s news about the attacks happening in Sderot.  Following the stories is an excerpt from the first letter from The Israel Letters with the prayer from that letter included.  I hope you will join me in praying that prayer for Israel today!

Living in Sderot – By Elad Nehorai

Sderot, Israel

The town of Sderot, Israel.  You walk towards your home. Perhaps you are coming home from work. Perhaps school.  You’ve lived here since the day you were born. This is where you grew up. Where you prayed. Where you fell in love and married. This is your community. This is your home.  As you walk home, you suddenly hear a siren. A siren you’ve learned to consider routine.


You don’t think. You run.  You have twenty seconds.  Luckily, a shelter happens to be across the street. Within seconds you are there, surrounded by your community. Children are screaming. Women are crying. Men are crying…. MORE

From The Times of Israel:

People at the scene where a courtyard of a house was hit by a Gaza rocket in the southern Israeli city of Sderot, on July 14, 2018. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

Three Israelis wounded as rockets from Gaza hit house, synagogue in Sderot
Palestinians fire a salvo of rockets at the border town, Iron Dome intercepts several but two get through; injured evacuated to hospital in Ashkelon.  Palestinians in Gaza fired a salvo of rockets at the border town of Sderot on Saturday evening, with two of the rockets hitting a home and a synagogue. Three Israelis were moderately wounded. MORE…

Excerpt from The Israel Letters – Letter One

O Israel,

…. He comforts you with His words. He sighs with you in your grieving.  He weeps with you as you weep. The Holy One restored you as a nation.  O Israel, He desires to restore your soul and place you upon the path of righteousness. He longs to shower you with goodness and mercy.  You are the posterity preserved to serve Him, making way for the next generation to declare His righteousness to their children and their children’s children.

                                                                               Blessed be He, Grace


Lord of Mercy, Great and Holy One, pour out Your Spirit of Compassion on Israel.
They cannot see You, and yet they know You.
They cannot touch Your face, but You can touch theirs.
Wipe away their tears, heal their great sorrows.
Gather the fragments of this great people’s soul and heal them.
Restore them that they may turn completely to You, their Great and Mighty God, for You alone are their Redeemer. You are the Holy One of Israel, and we worship you.

May God continually bless the works of your hands,

Nancy M.

©Nancy H. Montgomery 2018

The LORD of hosts is with  us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.  Selah
~Psalm 46:11

¹The Israel Letters, Letter Three, The Lord Will Raise Up Your Soldiers, ©2014 Nancy H. Montgomery




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