How The Israel Letters Began

The more understanding I gained of the nature and character of God, the clearer it became to me His great love and concern for the Jewish people is very real indeed.

The Israel Letters is available in soft cover or e-book.

When little, I was raised in a very old historic farmhouse in central Ohio. We lived near a little town where a Jewish doctor and his family moved from Germany following WW II.  I met them through breaking my arm when I was nearly the important age of six. Their family was my first contact with people of the Jewish faith.   Dr. Marcus put my broken arm in a cast.  A few weeks later, my mother took me on a welcome visit to the Marcus family and while we were there one of the younger sons seeing my injured arm, took me to see his mother had also had an injury on her arm.  When he asked her to show me, Mrs. Marcus rolled up her sleeve and showed me the scar left on her arm from time in one of the concentration camps during the Holocaust.  I was very little, but I remember her gently telling me that my arm would heal and I would not have a scar like hers.  I always thought Mrs. Marcus was so beautiful.

The little town of London didn’t have many Jewish families, nor did I meet many such families as I grew up.  Our family roots were protestant.  Baptized as a baby and confirmed a Presbyterian at the age of eleven, Israel was a land where bible stories took place long ago. When Israel broke through to the Western Wall in Jerusalem in June of 1967, I knew nothing about it at the time.  I was too busy graduating from Worthington High School, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio and thinking of preparing for Ohio State University in the fall.

Jewish man blowing the Shofar with view of the holy city of Jerusalem

By the summer of 1978, I was married with children and lived in a small city in southeastern Ohio, That summer I had come to a place of total surrender to God, which resulted in what many called back-sliding people of faith: “born again.”   Suddenly I found myself in love with the words of the bible, especially the Gospels and the Book of Acts.  Soon I found the Book of Psalms; then I found a daily Bible which took me through the entire Bible in one year and began reading portions of the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs every day.  I began to see the entire book was really the family tree.  All of this was the beginning of my life’s journey of walking with God with the added depth of understanding only He can give us through the gifts so graciously given through the Holy Spirit.   The more understanding I gained of the nature and character elroi-5of God, the clearer it became to me His great love and concern for the Jewish people is very real indeed.  Israel is His handiwork, and although the ins and outs of it remain a great mystery to all of us, make no mistake, it is His work and intent for the Jewish people.

The Lord said to me,  “Why don’t you write?”  I said, “What would I write?”  He said,  “What do you know?”  That stopped me short, and when I prayed and thought about it and prayed some more, I realized He wants me to write simply what He would say to Israel as it would come from those who love Him and the Jewish people.  I know He desires that we pray for Israel and for those who live there now and are called to live there in the future.  That is why The Israel Letters are written to Israel from a loved one called Grace, named so because of God’s great grace. (Isn’t is amazing that both my first and middle names Nancy  and Ann mean “grace” in Hebrew?!)  All of the scriptures in the book are referenced in the Old Testament unless noted with The Israel Bible.

The Israel Letters


Nancy M.

Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.    ~ Psalm 121:4
(The Israel Bible)

©Nancy H. Montgomery 2018


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