Join Jewish and Christian communities throughout the world who daily express their love for Israel in prayer…

The Israel Letters is a book dedicated to the well-being of today’s Israel.  Its pages are filled with Scripture references and prayers to inspire intercession.  Two of the most powerful weapons in the world are found in the pages of this slim book : prayer and the written word. The author felt compelled to begin placing her reflections and prayers into a book format instead of her normal daily journal. As a result, Israelis and those who love their nation may not only be encourage by the words of hope , faith and trust found in each letter, but also embolden to fight the good fight for today’s Israel in prayer. (Visit our “Prayer” page!)

Although Israel is a Jewish State, the Jewish community is quite diverse in their expressions of faith. The author has long been involved in Christian/Jewish relations and  has thoughtfully chosen to stay within the Old Testament trusting that this will allow Jewish readers to feel more comfortable exploring The Israel Letters while encouraging Christian readers to look for references to Old Testament words in the Gospels or Epistles as well as recognizing new insights into the Old Testament when read in a more Hebraic context. Quotations are used from  The Israel  Bible exclusively with few exceptions.

In the book, the letters are written to Israel by someone the author names “Grace”.  Grace actually moves in the spirit of grace and supplication as she encourages today’s “Israel”, which is to her as a dearly beloved brother, to move closer to God and remember His promises and covenants with them. Grace is aware of God’s great desire to establish a closer bond with the reborn nation of Israel once again and endeavors to help Israel work through this during a turbulent time during the  Israeli Summer War of 2014 with uplifting letters that end with prayers that the reader can easily pray and share with others to also join in praying at any time for Israel.

A Prayer from The Israel Letters for Israel’s Soldiers

IDF soldier praying on morning of July 29, 2014 during war of that summer in Israel.

     O Mighty One, the soldiers of Israel rise with the sun and wrap Your words, Your promises, on their minds and tuck them into their hearts. When they turn to You and pray for their nation they face Jerusalem.
     O Great and Merciful One, send your spirit of might and wisdom to strengthen them in the smallest of tasks and in the most monumental of assignments. Let Your Great Grace accompany them throughout the day and throughout the night. When the enemy of their souls tries to defeat them with fear and unbelief in You, burst past him with echoes of the songs of praise and deliverance spoken by their lips and hidden in their hearts each morning; for You inhabit the praises of Your people Israel.
Their soldiers give you all glory, honor and praise, before their battles.

     O Holy One, answer them with Your great love.

The LORD of hosts is with  us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.  Selah
~Psalm 46:11

¹The Israel Letters, Letter Three, The Lord Will Raise Up Your Soldiers, ©2014 Nancy H. Montgomery